Solar Messiah

Written by: AZ on 26/11/2012 02:21:12

Space… this vast, mystical beauty that keeps ageless secrets buried deep within. It is the everlasting inspiration for millions of people. Each glimpse of its massive constellations on a clear night sky leaves a man breathless, helpless – unable to do anything but gaze. Not all that have witnessed the precious moments that the universe shares rarely remember them. Those who do keep that experience forever inside them.

Wartime are one of the many dreamers that have sought of a divine source. The quartet from Sofia, Bulgaria, however, has managed to capture the eternity spanning between two blinks of a human eye and turned it in a musical creation. It is called "Solar Messiah" and is the fruit of years of hard work and dedication. Although being active since the late '90s their debut release "Against Destiny" came out in 2010. Since then the band has grown into a juggernaut that makes its way through various obstacles and leaves a trace that cannot be erased easily. This process has escalated in the fruition of an album that offers a true glass of progressive metal with a heavy dose of thrash poured inside.

“Solar Messiah” is a great album. The power, the precision, the anxiety – all marks of a true musician. Building their sound on top of a dynamic double-bass blast-beat drums section provided by drummer Velizar Bolchev, Wartime are able to let their imagination loose. With the solid presence of bassist Antonio Mitov, lead guitarist and composer Stan Stancheff can run laps around the fretboard, navigating through raw headcrushers and fragile acoustic pieces. Finally vocalist Ivan Ivanov adds his sincere, dramatic and forceful touch, and unleashes the great amount of energy that his bandmates have been cultivating. Songs have a nice flow into one another and clearly show that some deliberate thought had been put in advance so that the lyrical and instrumental theme fit perfectly.

If you have never heard of Wartime before this is the time to do so. With the release of their second album the band aims to gather an even broader fan base that is ready to hear the story they are about to tell. The story of the "Solar Messiah".


Download: For One Moment In Time, Memories, Endless Horizon
For The Fans Of: Nevermore, Moonspell, Evergrey
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Release Date 15.12.2012

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