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The punkest band on planet returns with another solid slab of anarchy-fueled, angry street punk with more attitude than the entire scene put together on "Resistance", their ninth studio album overall. Their collective middle fingers are flying high above their spiked mohawks as the band crash and burn through sixteen street punk anthems that, in all honesty, don't sound all that much unlike anything else they've put out over the years. But as we heard on "We Are All We Have" three years ago, that's not an issue as long as they keep writing anthems for the 'true punx' ideology where corporations are evil, anarchy is the only way forward, et cetera.

And that, my friends, is what The Casualties have always excelled at. Not necessarily the critic's darlings, their screamed form of street punk--akin to Leftöver Cräck, The Unseen, and The Exploited--relies on extremely simple elements to force its point down your throat: groovy, hardcore-rooted punk riffs played at energetic tempos, and uncompromising, razor sharp screams that are contrasted by anthemic gang shouts (think Discipline here and the rest of the street punk scene) and plenty of woo-hoo backing vocals. With songs like "Resistance", and "Morality Policy" they simply won't take no for an answer, combining anarchistic lines like "You can't control us! (YOU CAN'T CONTROL US!) / You can't control us! (FUCK THE MORALITY POLICE)" with undeniably strong shout-along melodies and impressively catchy guitar playing. So whether you agree with their strong political views or not, it's hard not to become captivated by their unrelenting rebellious energy that doesn't show signs of slowing down even after 22 years together as a band. They're still pissed off as hell and music is their vehicle to release that anger. Think of them as a darker and more hardcore/street oriented version of Anti-Flag and you're just about there.

"Resistance" is a solid record in the genre and another good addition to their extensive back catalogue. Even though it sounds the same as the band have always done, it's exactly what their fans have grown to expect and it'd be almost criminal to change their sound now. It may not be just as brilliant as "We Are All We Have" from three years ago, but if you're in the mood of waving your fist in the air in anger of recent government/authority policy in your neighborhood, "Resistance" might just be the best record to pop on to avoid jail time.


Download: Resistance, Warriors On The Road, Morality Policy, Brick Wall Justice, It's Coming Down On You
For the fans of: Leftöver Cräck, The Unseen, The Exploited, UK Subs, Discipline
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Release date 25.09.2012
Season Of Mist

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