Hounds & Harlots

The Good Fight

Written by: PP on 24/11/2012 01:17:36

San Francisco based Hounds & Harlots offer a much brighter and more anthemic take on the street punk genre than most contemporaries on their debut album "The Good Fight". They draw heavily from the Oi! scene into their scene in terms of the vocal style, but you can rest assured be expecting to pump your fist in the best street punk style most of the time.

But where bands like The Casualties and Leftöver Cräck rely on screamed style for vocals, Hounds & Harlots are all about the clean sing along choruses and well-produced European street punk sound despite their San Francisco origins. "Shot Down" is a classic gang-shouted chorus that recalls early Dropkick Murphys (minus the celtic theme obviously), whereas fellow street punkers The Briggs and Street Dogs also resonate throughout their sound. The goal has been to write anthemic vocal harmonies and supplement these with no-bullshit punk rock riffs, and that objective has been achieved on songs ranging from instantly catchy to merely decent street punk aggressive cuts.

Hounds & Harlots are not trying to reinvent the genre, rather than to play it faithfully and with good, positive energy. For that, "The Good Fight" is solid, albeit not exactly flashy. It gives you what you want for melodic street punk, nothing more, nothing less.


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For the fans of: Discipline, The Briggs, Street Dogs,
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Release date 19.06.2012
Skintflint Music

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