Summer Salt

The Places You Call Home

Written by: DR on 21/11/2012 18:27:41

I'm having trouble finding much out about Summer Salt, aside from that they were created in Bloomington, Indiana, USA, they were formed in 2011, and within one month of forming had recorded an album: "The Places You Call Home". Having recorded an album one month after their inception is impressive, and is perhaps even part of the appeal of this record.

Although only lasting a mere 23 minutes, having eleven songs would probably classify this release as an LP. It's deliberately short and sweet, though, as many of the songs don't even scratch the two minute mark; this fits in with the cutesy, largely acoustic and ukulele heavy music that sounds like it should have come from Hawaii rather than Indiana. They are fronted by the charming Emi Knight, who bears a similar sounding voice to that of Zooey Deschanel, especially in that neither have a particularly powerful voice - or if they do they decide not to show it. Instead, they are relatively quiet and low-key, and consequently affable, warm and infectious.

Summer Salt experiment with different acoustic textures throughout, often throwing in electronic ones, ultimately drawing from a fairly wide net of indie influences - all held together with the character of the band, which is the heart of the album. With such a raw production, too - to the point it sounds as though it was recorded live - the personality of the band shines through without pretense. It's that personality that makes "The Places You Call Home" a pleasing listen. It's not ground-breaking, nor is it trying to be, but it is solid, affecting and at its best damn near irresistible.


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Release Date 23.06.2011

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