Sonic Boom Six

Sonic Boom Six

Written by: PP on 20/11/2012 23:53:58

On paper, Sonic Boom Six sound like a disaster waiting to happen, so go ahead and press play on the player below before reading any further. Crazed electronics, metallic riffs, dubstep rhythms, hip hop, nu-metal passages, hardcore punk, ska/reggae, drum'n'bass and other incompatible ideas are blended together at will throughout their fourth, self-titled album in a marvellous exercise on free-spirited innovation and experimentation. And out comes a soundscape that's not only unmistakably theirs, but it's also one of the most creative releases in 2012. But that shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who's been listening to these guys in the past, as they seem to only get better as each album passes.

"Sonic Boom Six" is an album for those who believe that a saxophone, hip-hop, drum'n'bass, and reggae-infused punk rock can walk hand-in-hand complementing each other without sounding atrocious - see "S.O.S (State Of Shock)". Delivered through incredibly high-pitched and groovy female lead vocals, contrasted via The Streets-esque male hip hop vocals that occasionally burst into Linkin Park style rapcore. The hottest punk upstart in the Uk have basically taken a list of atrocious ideas and gone into recording mode, but just like on preceding albums, they come out on top with an intriguing sound that'll have you dancing to Pendulum style drum'n'bass meets rock/punk on one song ("Virus"), moshing to heavy guitars on the next one, and finishing off into a rave party on dubstep oriented electronic chaos on "The High Cost Of Living". Then you'll be thrown directly into the middle of a glowstick-driven dance pit which transforms into a crushing electronically supported Pendulum worship, and into a more hip hop-oriented experimental nu-metal section immediately after on "Who Will Survive (And What Will Be Left Of Them?)". And what's that on "Keep On Believing"? Is that Len-style summer anthem with an instantly memorable chorus.

It's an utterly crazy and retarded combination of genres, but miraculously Sonic Boom Six prove it is possible. But they don't just make it work - it sounds awesome, and most of the time, so catchy that their songs have no trouble on moving an entire venue's worth of people in huge clubs like Fabric or Ministry Of The Sound - or at a punk/hardcore oriented festival like Hevy or Groezrock. They embed together a sound that both feels and sounds truly multicultural, one that successfully mimics the life in the UK and describes the wealth of musical influences non-genre specific people face on a daily basis. It's an innovative, fresh album that sounds like no other band out there at the moment. You'd be a fool to miss out on that.


Download: For The Kids Of The Multiculture, Karma Is A Bitch, Keep On Believing
For the fans of: Pendulum, Skindred, Adequate Seven, Random Hand, The Skints
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Release date 15.10.2012
Xtra Mile Recordings

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