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Written by: PP on 20/11/2012 23:23:12

The Wait are a little known melodic punk group out of Clifton, New Jersey. Their new album "Systemic" stresses the melodic part of the genre, where the vocals are delivered at a high pitch that is reminiscent of the late 90s sound from a number of post-hardcore bands that were more punk-influenced than today's bands. In practice, that equates to honest, passionate vocal delivery, which often feels like a slightly more melodic version of Small Brown Bike and Farside, had those two bands ever collaborated together.

So there, I managed to write down 'melodic' three times in the first paragraph, but that's because it's a keyword describing the course of the whole album. There are moments where the vocals can be a little bit more strained and/or roughened, but for the most part they take the pop punk-ish whiny croon and tone it down just a bit for added depth to their music. It's a mid tempo execution that often results into halfway catchy songs, which are often missing the last unknown ingredient that would push the songs from being merely decent into being something much better. For now, this is an okay listen but it's not one of those releases that excites you all too much, despite a couple of promising songs.


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For the fans of: Small Brown Bike, Texas Is The Reason, Farside,
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Release date 06.04.2012
Get Outta Town Records

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