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Written by: AZ on 18/11/2012 22:55:58

The metal genre is constantly evolving. Second only to electronic music in this process, the heavy music we all know and love is branching out with great intensity. Like it or not, new artists are digging deeper than their predecessors and present their evolution in every way possible. If you are no fan of modern day abortions or you prefer that straightforward “punch you in the face” type of metal, I would suggest to skip this review.

The newest morphing that comes from the vast depths of djent, transcending above average brutality and taking a serious dose of hip-hop along the way, is called Hacktivist. Yes, you heard me – proper djent mixed recitative. No, it's not a new Limp Bizkit or Linkin Park rip off. The five-piece band from the United Kingdom seem to be seeking a new definition of the word “heavy”. Their take on it is to replace the common gurgle/growl/scream with a straightforward way to deliver lyrical content to the listener. This can be confirmed by the instrumental backing up vocalists J Hurley and Ben Marvin. And it is solid. Their sound is tight, precise and to the point. Timfy James(Guitar), Josh Gurner(Bass), Rich Hawking(Drums) are a true feast for the ears. With exciting, dramatic and fluid sound Timfy governs the band's sound not only with his guitar skills but with electronics that add to the variety of moods. The atmosphere brought within the limits of the EP is moving. Honest, deep, consuming, captivating – Hacktivist takes the boundaries of your imagination and slowly with care expand the content that the five songs withhold.

The only thing that bothers me with this band are the two vocalists. There are moments where I don't hear a difference between their voices (not saying they sound completely the same, of course) or when I do I don't find it that beneficial with respect to the whole picture (bear in mind the guitarist sings in ”Blades”).

To me, however, this is just a scratch on the surface of a monstrous iceberg that is yet to show it soars above the cold deep waters of metal music. Get ready for Hacktivist!


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For The Fans Of: Djent, Hip-hop or both
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Release Date 12.11.2012

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