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Militia Of The Lost

Written by: TL on 17/11/2012 15:47:01

So here's a review of a band called Fearless Vampire Killers - a band who wears costumes and make-up and have recently been added as support on an upcoming Black Veil Brides tour. By giving you those three pieces of information, I'm sure most of you have already decided whether you're running to the hills or not, and yet, for some reason, I find myself tracing the band's progress on their now third release. So something about them must be at least a little interesting, no?

If you're a fan of My Chemical Romance at least, then the answer is likely yes, because FVK's music is consistently cut from the same cloth as My Chem's early work. Both their two preceding EP's and now their first LP "Militia Of The Lost" are all constructed from similar halloween-themed, energetic pop-punk and dashes of Queen-ish theatricality with singer Laurence Beveridge's delivery sounding more than enough like Gerard Way to make you preeeetty sure he has "I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love" on his cd shelf at home.

The good news is that for the first half of "Militia Of The Lost" - which is of course an album about some murky concept I will not pretend to dwell on - the lads in the band don't wield their chosen musical elements half badly, and especially songs like "Could, We Burn, Darling?", and the re-recorded "Concede Repent Destroy" and "Palace In Flames" have the sufficient mixture of noteworthy riffage, catchy refrains and up-tempo energy to win some grudging recognition from me despite early scepticism.

Over the later half of the album however, FVK start to run out of steam and I feel like their novelty wears off at the same pace as the consistency in their hook-writing. And with more and more bizarre and profane lyricism making itself noticed in the story-telling ("[...] I'll stuff your bloody corpse and fuck it [...]"), the bad-taste-o-meter starts acting up again, so that by the end of the record, I feel like I'm coming full circle back to my scepticism. FVK are making gradual improvements however, and it seems they're gaining at least some momentum in their small niche of the scene, but still there's a wide gap in unmistakable quality between where they're at, and where you need to be to seem relevant to audiences that aren't immediately charmed by gothy attire.

Download: Could We Burn, Darling?; Concede Repent Destroy; Palace In Flames
For The Fans Of: Aiden, I Am Ghost, old My Chemical Romance, new My Chemical Romance, My Chemical Romance.
Listen: facebook.com/wearefearlessvampirekillers

Release Date 14.05.2012
Goremount Records:

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