Avenue Six Left

The Thin Line Of Life EP

Written by: PP on 16/11/2012 20:58:39

Avenue Six Left is a young deathcore quintet from Kaiserslautern, Germany, who offer a modernized and a slightly less breakdowncore oriented take on the saturated genre on their debut EP "The Thin Line Of Life". Instead of going for the brutalized sound that mimics death metal played with a metalcore mindset like most of their peers, they throw in lots of atmospherics and ambient sections instead in order to achieve a sound that feels progressive, no matter how distant that term might come across in connection to deathcore.

They also include elements clearly derived from the djent movement, which is why the time signatures around the guitars are ever-changing and often unusual. It serves to create a twisted, complex soundscape that is brutal enough to qualify as deathcore, but also feels a lot more intelligent and thought through than many of their colleagues. They've applied a ton of production to compress the sound, so it seems even more unpredictable because of the small space their soundscape operates in. For a self-production, much credit has to be given here, because the sound is crystal clear and benefits heavily from crisp instrumentals and the deep growls of their rather competent vocalist.

"The Thin Line Of Life" is the kind of debut EP that leaves you in no doubt that Avenue Six Left are a band worth paying attention to. They bring something fresh and different to the deathcore genre, and at no point feel generic or tired.

Download: O.A.F.L.S., Unleashed, The Golden Hour
For the fans of: Misery Signals meets Periphery in a deathcore format
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Release date 15.06.2012

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