The Rose Will Decay

Written by: TL on 12/02/2007 01:41:36

It would seem that after having been so successful in metal that a whole subgenre is pretty much named after their country, the Swedes have become more than a little confident and have proceeded to start spitting out countless promising bands fitting some way or another under the emo-term. While Chemical Vocation and Kid Down have already begun rattling their guitars at us, making people aware of their existence, a band I for one hadn't heard of till recently is the self proclaimed pop/hardcore five piece Adept. Fortunately a copy of their second EP "The Rose Will Decay" is now spinning in my drive, and by fortunately I mean that to fullest extend.

Although the interlude can't really be counted as a real track, considering it's lenght is only 1:43, and how most of it is more or less just a drumbeat, a riff and some spoken word on top of it, it's still an amazing opener that would work equally well for a full album, as the few lines of screaming in it are a perfect statement about which kind of music you're about to listen to. If however you still had any doubt left in you, "Let's Celebrate Gorgeous! You Know Whose Party This Is" will tear it apart in a second. From opening to ending this is a track of intense singalongable screamo in the veins of "They're Only Chasing Safety"-era Underoath, complete with semi-acoustic breaks and emotional poetry-like spoken word periods, all of course connected to some sort of broken relationship. It's classic but still so well pulled ofo you can't help but scream out your lungs to the lines of "Forever! Is Just An Empty Word!" or "I'll Be The Last One Standing, And The First To Walk Away!". Perfection. The following "Incoherence; Blessed Upon A Phrase" follows pretty much the same recipe, lacking a little bit of everything compared to the earlier song though. The words "It was my pleasure to be your toy" are still earcandy to any decent fashioncore-consumer however, and will hardly ever be the kind of track you skip.

"At Least Give Me My Dreams Back You Negligent Whore" (gotta love that title) strikes me with a feeling of being older than the other songs, and the elements at play in the song seem a little less original than what the previous songs consisted of. Nevertheless, the song still possesses all the charms of those, again with plenty of bitter vocal lines dying for you to sing along to them. The closing track "An Ode To Norah Barnes" starts off a good deal more metal than the other songs, but it's entirety will give you more of an impression of being very resembling to the initial songs by Chemical Vocation. Anyone familiar with Chemical Vocation also knows that this is by no means a bad thing.

"The Rose Will Decay" is a very rewarding experience from start to end, and what remains is actually just to consider if it's a bit too short or not. Four and a half tracks aren't that much, but I feel that it's better to limit yourself to this than adding bad covers or demos as filler, or perhaps recording some sort of really cheesy ballad that would've ruined the overall impression (no hinting at Chemical Vocation at all). This way, the band displays only their strengths, and makes fans of the genre drool at the thought of an eventual full length.


Download: "Let's Celebrate, Gorgeous! You Know Whose Party It Is!", "At Least Give Me My Dreams Back You Negligent Whore"
For the fans of: Underoath, Chemical Vocation, Drop Dead Gorgeous
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Release date 22.12.2006
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