Punk-O-Rama Vol. 10

Written by: PP on 08/06/2005 16:44:39

I can still remember 5 years ago when Epitaph released their fifth Punk O Rama compilation. Back then it was all about getting the best of Epitaph's offerings on one compilation. Filesharing wasn't so big either, so it wasn't easy to just download the already released tracks of the compilation. But today, when Epitaph releases Punk-O-Rama 10 they should really have focused on their original fan base. If you call a record PUNK O Rama, why do you put on 4 hip-hop songs? What the hell is Sage Francis or Dangerdoom doing on Epitaph anyways? Brett, I thought Epitaph was a PUNK label? The four hip hop songs really kill the else decent compilation's flow. I mean after having the hardcore punk of Some Girls you can't have Sage Francis doing his hip hop stuff on the same record, let alone on the next track! Anyway, Punk O Rama Vol. 10 features unreleased tracks from Bad Religion, The Offspring, Rancid, Pulley and others. "News From The Front" by Bad Religion is excellent, and makes the album worth purchasing especially if you don't already own all of the other songs on the compilation. Also to my surprise, The Offspring have composed a rather decent track for the compilation. This could be better. A lot better.


Download: News From The Front, No Fun In Fundamentalism
For the fans of: Punk, Hardcore

Release date 07.06.2005

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