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Rhythm 'n' Moves

Written by: PP on 10/11/2012 17:48:22

Capital Lights are a pop rock band with pop punk tendencies who made some small waves in the scene with their debut album as Aftereight, before changing their name to Capital Lights shortly after signing with Tooth & Nail Records. They released only one record in 2008 called "This Is An Outrage", which was fairly well-received as a pop punk release, and then disbanded in 2009. They've now reunited to release one more album called "Rhythm 'n' Moves", but have no plan s to support it at least as of this writing.

Thank god for that. The pop punk parallels have been all but removed, now replaced with autotune overload and sugar-coated pop melodies that have been electronically enhanced at every opportunity given. It's slightly reminiscent of the power pop presented by Brandtson and Hellogoodbye on their old material, but way poppier and more superfluous in every way. It's catchy, sure, but it's also throwaway pop that won't satisfy any serious music listener on anything other than a superficial guilty pleasure level. To their credit, the sound is still innocent and naive enough to suggest the band hasn't sold out on purpose but they've just gone all-out on the Cash Cash style pop rock because they felt like they wanted to make a pop record instead, but unfortunately for them, their honest intentions have not resulted in anything else than justifiable Justin Bieber references and other derogatory terms. Basically, it's just too neon pop for my liking, and when it's nowhere near as catchy as the Cash Cash debut, I'm afraid a mediocre rating is in order.

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For the fans of: Hellogoodbye, Brandtson, Cash Cash
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Release date 17.07.2012
Tooth & Nail Records

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