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Written by: KS on 11/02/2007 16:04:36

Every Time I Die is notoriously known as being douche bags and cancelling shows at the very last minute, so I'll start this review off with a warning. If you do not already like Every Time I Die, this DVD is not for you. Also, if you have a weak stomach this DVD is not for you. The reason for this is that they are out to have the most fun they can possibly think of, including harassing people and making fun of strangers so they come off as idiots. The weak stomach part is just for the amount of vomit in this DVD and if you're anything like Keith Buckley (vocals) and get sick to your stomach when you see other people puke, you will not enjoy this DVD (of course his weak stomach is used extensively throughout the DVD as puke is always funny - kind of). If you are already familiar with Every Time I Die and love their music and want to get a little closer to the band and learn more about them, this DVD is ideal for you.

The DVD consists of a 2 hour+ home movie split into a load of scenes about the band. Each band member gets introduced and we learn some things about the band and the persons throughout the whole movie. Now, this isn't the most serious documentary ever, as the 'SHINFO' scene will tell you. A lot of the actual information you are given is shitty info ('SHINFO') that is on one hand interesting, but on the other quite useless. Example: Keith speaks about how he had a cold and went to the pharmacy to get some medication and he ends up stealing it without even being fully aware of it. We don't need to know that, but it's pretty funny. The one thing that had me cracking up most was definitely when they're in the UK and go to a roller coaster when it's pouring rain. Also, the pass out game is pretty funny. The movie is worth watching, just for those silly things.

Throughout the information and funny gags a lot of their songs are played "live" - live video with sound overdub. Actually this is quite cool and works tremendously well. It captures what I would believe the feeling is at a Every Time I Die show but with great sound. Unfortunately, the live part of the DVD is not very good. Four not very good videos with poor sound quality from "The Downtown". Obviously this isn't the main feature on this DVD, but I would have liked it to be better and more extensive. Four videos simply isn't enough to make it one of the four selectables from the main menu. The DVD also contains all Every Time I Die music videos made to date, five videos all in all. These are pretty neat and all good videos, though the progress from a small band to a larger scale band is clearly visible. Last available option from the main menu is the 'Teasers', which has three teasers for the DVD that you might have seen floating around on video sites like YouTube and Google Video. They're basically short clips from the movie on the DVD, but nothing useful is found here.

As a secret bonus, there's a scene of Keith doing a stand-up session at a bar. The video quality is very poor, like it's been filmed with a cell phone but the sound is fine, so his messages get through clear. This is very crude and racist, but funny if you share the same kind of humor. I know I did, so this was the one most enjoyable parts on the DVD if I had to choose just one scene. As this is a bonus, this feature is hidden. I will not tell how to find it, but if you've ever looked for secrets on DVD's before, you will find it easily.

Overall I really enjoyed this DVD and I've been watching it a number of times, just to get everything and laugh my ass off.

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Release date 06.11.2006
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