Rising From Agony EP

Written by: TL on 09/11/2012 19:47:43

Let's face it: Ever since I first got into Saosin's legendary (in some circles) "Translating The Name" EP, I've been a total sucker for any and all bands with a singer that sounded even remotely like singer Anthony Green did back then. It never fails, so it's no surprise that I instantly became curious to check out the "Rising From Agony" EP from Estonian BecomingAPoet (their stylisation) - a young quartet from the town of Tartu who are not unlike early Saosin material in the way they mix melancholic parts with screams and heavy riffs and a high pitched, youthful, raspy clean voice.

Their EP holds four songs, and clearly they're inspired both by Green's bands (Circa Survive is his current one of course) and by similar acts like Emarosa, Tides Of Man and PMtoday. In a way you could say they're hardly an original blend within their scene, but personally I find it mildly encouraging that they seem to understand to contrast heavy material with subtle, melodic passages - especially notable in my favourite songs on here: "Ancestors" and "Esimene". On these tracks their clean singer gets room to shine from a platform of subdued instrumentals, which shapes a good background for the heavy parts to come in.

Unfortunately the heavy parts, and especially the screams that dominate them, are audibly the work of a band that are not very advanced yet, sounding too similar to what many, many small time bands are doing in their rehearsal rooms. Moreover, the songwriting is also fairly raw at this point, with the songs never really shining to the point where you get a hook or a surge that makes you remember the EP past its runtime, giving you the desire to come back. All in all, I think this is still a decent first effort though, and if the band don't abandon their softer side and their decent singer can improve even more, we might have something to keep an eye on here. It's just still damn early by the sound of this.

Download: Ancestors, Esimene
For The Fans Of: Circa Survive, Violet, Oh Clemency, old Saosin, Tides Of Man

Release Date April 2012

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