Separate Realities

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The talent and ambition of Between The Buried And Me has no limits as we know, but their implausible musicianship goes far beyond the realms of progressive metal. Vocalist/Keyboardist Tommy Rogers has his own project under the alter ego of Thomas Giles, which specializes in weirdo experimental rock with influences from both Muse and Dredg, and now bassist Dan Briggs steps up with a project of his own, Trioscapes, and a debut album called "Separate Realities". And just like Rogers, he immediately and completely distances his side project from anything BTBAM-related.

So what does Trioscapes sound like? Basically, it's instrumental fusion jazz with progressive rock, or something in that direction. They ditch guitar altogether, and create their intriguing sound solely through bass, saxophone, flute, drums, and a few electronics. Imagine Ephel Duath playing smooth jazz instead of jazz-nuanced metal, and you're just about there. The saxophone and bass walk hand-in-hand as the leading instruments in the mix, to the extent where it feels like I'm listening to a 40 minute version of the epic sax guy with ridiculously technical bass paired up on the background. You thought Origin gave new definition to insane bass-lines? Trioscapes is that times a thousand. This is Dan Briggs' time to shine with his innovative and differentiated bass-lines, so much in the same way as BTBAM is a celebration of everything insanely technical and progressive when it comes to guitar, Trioscapes is that for the bass. And saxophone, of course, which roams freely in the mix sometimes approaching lunatic soloing, off-tune pitch, and other crazed sounds that you thought weren't even possible with the saxophone.

It creates for one hell of a jazzy prog rock mixture, one that sometimes ventures so deep into pure jazz that it would fit perfectly well into any modern jazz club. It's also all instrumental, so there's no growling or metallic singing to scare away that crowd. I guess if you enjoy eleven minute journeys into the world of jazz through slick bass lines and creative saxophone, this release is for you, but this is a little too off-the-hook experimental for my simple mind. Because other than masturbation for bassists and jazz-enthusiasts, what else is there on "Separate Realities"?

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Release date 08.05.2012
Metal Blade

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