The Fake Boys

Pig Factory

Written by: PP on 25/10/2012 20:36:48

Here's a quirky little release from a band that used to be lumped in with pop punk groups but now on "Pig Factory" display glimpses of having so much more to offer than that. The Fake Boys basically take in influence ranging from the quirky indie rock of Say Anything, the smooth pop punk of Smoking Popes, and the original grungy post-hardcore of Jawbreaker, and produce a sound that's one part punk, one part indie, and one part grunge, all mashed together into a style that's quite difficult to put down on paper. Weird, is what I'd call it.

You see, it's not really a fast album, so it doesn't feel home at the punk rock scene. It's quirky and introspective like many indie rock releases, but not to that great extent, and it's certainly rawer than anything that genre produces. Then you throw in the fried distortion of grunge rock, but at a much faster tempo and in more creative form of instrumentation, with a few hints of bands like Crime In Stereo and Samiam thrown in for good measure. Confused yet? I don't blame you. It's an unusual album that borrows just enough from each genre to sound original and really like no other band I've come across recently. So points for originality, that's for sure, even if the guitars do have a distinct 90s ring to them (which I particularly enjoy though so no problems there). More points for their vocalist who on several songs visits all edges of his range much in the same way as Say Anything's Max Bemis, though obviously without as impeccable skill as him.

Elsewhere, the band does regress back to straight up punk rock that draws from a ton of 90s bands starting from Descendents. This is where some of their strongest songs are, even though the more experimental tracks may be more intriguing otherwise. While not great, "Pig Factory" is a decent record that's worthy of noting down the band name The Fake Boys for future reconsideration.

Download: Don't Live, Hi Friend
For the fans of: Say Anything, Smoking Popes, Jawbreaker, Descendents
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Release date 27.03.2012
Animal Style Records

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