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Written by: PP on 25/10/2012 19:50:14

In the seemingly never-ending surge of bands heavily influenced by Jawbreaker and Hot Water Music, the next ones in line are Ape Up! from Boston, whose latest album "Kemosabe" is more or less exactly what you'd expect from a band looking up to said bands. They play honesty-driven music with a strong sense of nostalgia attached to it, all lead by a coarse, gravelly screaming vocalist who sounds a little like the dude from Leatherface crossed with the Jawbreaker vocalist.

The relatively high tempo and short bursts of punk energy in songs averaging around the two-minute mark are only broken by moments of tinkly guitars, and intimate basement type sing along croons that so characterize this style of music. Like all of their contemporaries, most of all The Riot Before who they closely resemble, Ape Up! believe strongly in the passion before fashion dynamic of songs that can be screamed out loud drenched in emotional delivery and warmth. As such, "Kemosabe" doesn't do much more than any other decent album in this genre, but it does deserve some extra credit for the especially throaty vocal work that sounds like it will be destroying the pipes of this guy within the next 1-2 albums already.

But let's face it: it's exactly what you'd expect from a band marketed as sounding like Jawbreaker and Hot Water Music without being spectacular or beating other bands doing the same thing, i.e. a decent record.

Download: 1(800) WILD-DAD, Honey Scoots
For the fans of: Jawbreaker, Leatherface, early Hot Water Music, The Riot Before
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Release date 02.05.2012
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