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Written by: PP on 24/10/2012 18:13:03

Best Practices own the kind of sound that can best be described as truly original and refreshing. In just nine tracks distributed over twelve short minutes across "The EP LP", this Providence based outfit show just what it means when you push the envelope and innovate with a genre. They deliver short, one minute bursts of happy hardcore delivered through a post-punk filter, one that oftentimes sounds like a quirky get together between Fucked Up's "The Chemistry Of Life", Superchunk's noisy and fuzzy warmth, and The Replacements' indie-flavored garage tunes, all exposed to a heft amount of steroids, speed, and probably some kind of psychotic drugs.

As a result, "The EP LP" sounds like a hyper-energetic, all-over-the-place, high-speed version of Fucked Up! at their most melodic, except they add in a ton of enthusiasm and weirdly off-tune post-punk melody that intertwines punk ethos and hardcore ideals in a single, coherent sound. It's a raw mix and wholly unpolished, but that's what gives the album it's urgency and immediacy. At the same time, the hardcore/punk part of the mix is extremely melodic, so the whole sound has a positive, an almost happy atmosphere and mood throughout the record.

In short, it's the kind of sound that's difficult to properly describe on paper because of how multifaceted it is, despite initially sounding simple. This is music played for the sheer joy of playing music; that it manifests itself in the form of rowdy hardcore-fueled post-punk with songs this ridiculously catchy from first listen is only fortunate for the few of us who get exposed to this record. There are quirky guitar parts, ferocious hardcore screams, and a high tempo throughout, yet it's maddeningly catchy and captivating on so many more levels than the majority of their contemporaries. Forget Fucked Up!, Best Practices is where it's at in 2012! How is this band not blowing up already?

Download: DeerHunter, Get Confident Stupid, Welcome To Er
For the fans of: Fucked Up!, Superchunk, The Replacements, The Thermals
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Release date 14.02.2012
Tiny Engines

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