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We're In This Together EP

Written by: TL on 24/10/2012 16:17:28

Right, I feel like keeping it going today, covering small bands you've likely never heard about, and the next on in my line of fire is Broken Lungs from Liverpool, who released their debut EP "We're In This Together" back in June yet have seemingly (ironically enough) been looking for a new lead guitarist and drummer ever since. That's a shame, because diving straight into "We're In This Together", there's quite a number of things that are easy to like right off the bat. The band's style is a variety of the energetic rock that is popular with plenty of rising bands in the British scene, the kind which aims to be all rousing and encouraging, just like bands such as Young Guns, We Are The Ocean and Mallory Knox have played at on their recent material.

The sound is fronted by singer/guitarist Karl Eginton whose clear, light voice reminds me a bit of departed Daytrader singer 'Tym B.' while the instrumental components prove fairly diverse over the course of the five songs on offer on "We're In This Together". Opener "We Stand Tall" is a soaring anthem underscored by nice tremolo riffage in its background, while the second number "I'm Done With Desparation" is carried by more ballsy, hard-hitting riffage. "Try As I Might" thrives on a playful lead and a fast beat that make it come off like a soundtrack for driving into a sunset and towards the end of the EP things first get semi-acoustic and then fully acoustic on ballads "Alleyways" and "Lost At Sea".

What is promising about these songs is that Broken Lungs pick and mix enough recognisable-yet-different elements from the contemporary British rock scene to sound like an offspring rather than a clone, and moreover, each shows that the band is capable of flashing moments of qualities despite working with slightly different moods from track to track. There's still work for the band to do however: Naturally in the department of songwriting, where you can tell that the lads don't quite maximise the potential of their ideas the way seasoned veterans would, but also when it comes to recording, because despite things sounding reasonably clear, "We're In This Together" still has a finish that has "young and shaky" written over it, especially in the occasionally uneven mix and in the way Eginton's vocals waver here and there. If he and singer/bassist Alex Forde can find some new bandmembers and fix up these areas however, I say they have some of the qualities needed to drive towards bigger things. Fingers crossed for you boys.


Download: Try As I Might, We Stand Tall
For The Fans Of: Young Guns, We Are The Ocean, Mallory Knox

Release Date 11.06.2012

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