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Fifty Million People Can't Be Wrong EP

Written by: PP on 07/02/2007 14:17:34

Boys Night Out lead singer Connor really wasn't kidding in our November interview with him when he stated "We're never gonna be that screamo band again, so people can get that right out of their heads now". The band's new digital-only EP "50 Million People Can't Be Wrong" features two brand new tracks, as well as re-recordings of three of their oldest tracks from the "You're My Canvas" EP - songs which around their release in late 2001 were amongst the first pop-punk influenced screamo songs to surface and consequently created a small but incredibly loyal and passionate fanbase around the Ontario band with post-hardcore influences. Since then, the band has come a long way releasing one of the screamo-pop punk's most classic albums in "Make Yourself Sick", followed by a change of direction in what must be one of the best concept albums of the decade, namely "Trainwreck". Much of the screaming had been removed in favor of Connor's soft clean vocals and instrumental experimentation, and as much as some people hated the change, I personally found "Trainwreck" to be an incredible album.

Therefore I don't find it surprising either that the two new tracks are an extension to what we heard on "Trainwreck". The opening track "Hey Thanks!" opens with the familiar weirdly tuned guitars and odd scales that skip notes as they climb up the octaves. Even though this makes the track sound similar to "Recovering", this thought is quickly replaced by the sense of evolution the band has gone through in the last two years. This is especially true when the hand clapping and the distanced, soothed vocals kick in after the introduction, adding extra elements to the already complex sound the band has always had.

The other new song, "Reason Ain't Our Long Suit" reminds us that the band hasn't abandoned speed from their compositions, as the guitars shred as fast as in some "Make Yourself Sick" songs, though without abandoning the "Trainwreck" sound from the guitars as you'll find once the song slows down. Together these two songs are among the best material the band has ever written, and if all compositions on their upcoming album are as good as these two, we're going to be sitting with one of the best albums of 2007 in our hands later on.

Lets get to the old tracks, then, and seriously consider the implications of the quote from Connor I used in the beginning of this review, and ponder upon how "Sketch Artist Composite" is one of the most classic screamo-pop punk tracks as is "The Only Honest Lovesong", both from "You're My Canvas EP". After all, which Boys Night Out fan can't remember singing along to those screamed and sung words "You areee my canvas!" at the chaotic end of this amazing track. So when you hear the re-recorded version at about half the pace, with almost all screaming replaced by Connor's soothing soft vocals as we grew used to them on "Trainwreck", the initial reaction is likely to involve shock, hatred, anger or a combination of all three. But a closer inspection of the song reveals the immense amount of talent the band posesses. Large parts of the song have been completely reworked for the better, and though screaming is no longer the dominant feature, it hasn't been forgotten either especially during the ending. While the final impression is that the song isn't as infectiously catchy as it used to be, strictly artistically speaking it has risen to a whole new level with the instrumentation taking a much bigger role than before.

The same applies to "The Only Honest Lovesong" and "Victor Versus The Victim", both of which are almost unrecognizable to the original songs. Whether or not this is good is up to the individual to judge, and the best way to describe these two tracks is that they've been Trainwreck'ed, though not in the literal sense of the word.

Overall "50 Million People Can't Be Wrong EP" is a refreshing change from the usual re-releasings of old material known as cash grabs. The two new songs are great, and the new approach to the old songs nearly justifies calling them new songs too. The band themselves have stated that this EP is 'an appetizer for the fans of the band waiting for the next record', and I agree wholeheartedly. Please just release it sooner rather than later.

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Release date 06.02.2007

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