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Lioniser EP

Written by: PP on 17/10/2012 02:57:41

"Lioniser" EP is the kind of debut you tend to see from bands that go onto to release a string of fan-favorite releases before exploding to the knowledge of the scene at large. It's a record released by an obscure British band from Southsea, and contains four ferocious pieces of intensely technical hardcore that completely defy the current size of their fan base as recorded by their Facebook profile. It's also a record that showcases a band with immense potential, because already this stage of their career, they've crafted a strong identity and character to their music, which draws from other hardcore greats to an extent where you can hear the influences, but where you can also easily hear how they have been translated into an expression that they can proudly call their own.

There's some issues with the production still, but that's a minor factor when you consider the fact that Ruin Everything integrate the intensity and urgency of This Is Hell and Snapcase together with the immediacy and emotionally tortured delivery of bands like Defeater and Touché Amoré into a single sound. It's one that stands somewhere halfway in between these bands, with crackling yells leading the way most of the time, but which isn't afraid to break into a catchy (albeit still raw) clean vocal passage from time to time. The guitars are immensely technical, providing a great deal of variety and instrumental prowess to the mix, as well as some experimental flavor, such as when their aggressive hardcore all of a sudden breaks down into a strange, Ephel Duath-styled jazz section for a brief moment.

It all comes together in a wonderful portrait of aggressive screaming, subdued melody, and technical groove that stands out far above most of their contemporary peers already at this early stage of their career. How have more people not discovered these guys yet? This might be the most promising debut EP I've heard in months!

Download: Leave No Man Behind, The Growth Of Man
For the fans of: This Is Hell, Snapcase, Touché Amoré, Defeater
Listen: Facebook

Release date 12.05.2012

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