The Temper Trap

The Temper Trap

Written by: PP on 16/10/2012 14:10:03

There's an awful lot of hype surrounding mainstream indie rockers The Temper Trap from Australia as a consequence of their widely acclaimed debut album "Conditions" from 2009, which did very well on the charts back when it was released. Their sophomore album "The Temper Trap" sees the band move closer towards Coldplay than in the past, delivering an album's worth of colossal, stadium-sized indie rock with echoing melodies and lofty guitar/keyboard combos leading the way.

So if you remember Coldplay circa "A Rush Of Blood To The Head" / "X&Y" era, that's where The Temper Trap source their primary influence from. Opening track "Need Your Love" is a great example, whereas "Trembling Hands" could've just as well been on a Coldplay album circa "Parachutes" era given its relaxed strumming, calm and soothing singing, and epic soundscapes filling the atmosphere with grand indie rock melodies. And grand, if anything, is the keyword throughout "The Temper Trap", with most songs containing humongous melodies expanding in a vast soundscape not much unlike U2's later material, but at the same time, the band keep their feet on the ground so the songs never get lost in their own ambition. It results in uplifting songs that stick to mind after first listen, but don't get annoying after a sequence of repeat listens like most mainstream music. In that sense, The Temper Trap aren't as much of a pop band as some of their contemporaries, and have much more artistic integrity in their approach to music than most. So in other words, many of their songs feel sincere and more like art pieces than pop ballads designed to be sold in the millions. That's the key feature that makes the album appeal to even someone non-indie rock such as the undersigned.

With this album, The Temper Trap basically open up the possibility of growing into a mainstream mainstay band, since there's practically no way these songs won't be regular entrants at playlists in radio stations world-wide. Since there are practically no bad songs on the record, even if not all songs are instant radio hits, you can safely expect this band to blow out of proportion as soon as the British media starts hyping them to be the 'next big thing'.

Download: Need Your Love, Trembling Hands, Where Do We Go From Here
For the fans of: Coldplay, U2, Band Of Horses, Glasvegas
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Release date 18.05.2012
Liberation / Infectious Records

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