Nebraska Jones

The Crocodile Fears EP

Written by: TL on 12/10/2012 14:14:32

The fact that Atlanta, Georgia-based trio Nebraska Jones are unsigned is a surprising one to me, because if I was a label guy, this would be the kind of band I could not help but to hear as completely ready to be signed. On "The Crocodile Fears EP", these two girls and one guy deliver a pop-rock sound that is more the former than the latter and to my ears, it just sounds like the thing that is ready-made to be flowing from radios all over the place, causing good mood in casual passer-bys. With pleasant boy-girl vocal exchanges and light, bright arrangements, this just sounds so well-recorded and easy on the ear that it's hard to understand that nobody has tried to make some money off it yet. There's clearly a market, as we can see from the successes had by highly similar bands like Belle Historie, The Narrative or even We Are The In Crowd (maybe even He Is We, no?).

Anyway, when Nebraska Jones remain unsigned it could be because they still have a bit of improvement to do in largely the most important department, namely that of catchyness. The four tracks on "Crocodile Fears" are all easily accessible, charming and quick to be recognised after just a few listens. Yet none of them really stick around in your head the way good pop songs do. Closer "Secrets And Skeletons" gets close with the harmonies in its chorus and second song "Saint Pete" has a groovy rhythm, but taking a view from the top it feels like the band is only almost there. And the truth is that while it makes for a brief review, "Crocodile Fears" does not feel like an EP about which there is very much else to say. It's light, brigt music that's easy to enjoy, but unfortunately also just a little bit too easy to forget.

Download: Secrets And Skeletons
For The Fans Of: Belle Historie, The Narrative, We Are The In Crowd

Release Date 13.01.2012

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