Where I'll Be

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You'll be forgiven for thinking just like I did: Dangercat? With a ridiculous name like that, they can't possibly be good, right? It turns out, however, that their debut full length "Where I'll Be" is an excellent piece of drenched-in-passion coarse punk rock from the Hot Water Music / Small Brown Bike / Latterman school of thought, with close parallels also drawing to Paper Arms, North Lincoln, and countless other bands inspired by the gravelly punk legends. It's one of those honesty-driven melodic sing along kind of albums that'll impress you not through technical riffs or ambitious songwriting, but through its raw passion and melodies soaked in nostalgia and passionate vocals.

Yes, it's another case of rough-around-the-edges guitar melodies, raspy vocals, and basement style shout-alongs, but just like so many other bands playing this exact style, Dangercat are both charming and convincing in their expression, drawing people closer at live venues to sing along in displays of sheer passion. It doesn't matter that originality is lacking when you have songs like "Exit Lights" breaking out into unforgettable sing alongs, or tracks like "Go Wolves" leading the way with melodically ringing guitars and solid vocal harmonies. It's probably not the album that'll change your mind about this style, but if you're into any of the bands mentioned here, "Where I'll Be" should be on your list of albums to check out in the near future.

Download: Exit Lights, Head In The Clouds, For Fuck Sakes,
For the fans of: Paper Arms, North Lincoln, Make Do And Mend, Latterman, Hot Water Music, Pentimento, Frank And Earnest
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Release date 29.05.2012
The New Form Label

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