Rock The Rebel / Metal The Devil

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Volbeat's tale stems from a craving for a light-hearted hybrid of heavy metal, 60's rock 'n roll and pop. In that respect, the band has enjoyed the spotlight, with plenty of festivals, nominations and awards coloring their two-year trot. And why shouldn't they? Dubbed Årets Håb (Hope of the Year) and Best Debut in 2005, the band went on to claim its place on the Danish Albums top20, which is more than any other Danish band of this genre has to boast.

"Rock The Rebel / Metal The Devil" continues the slash-trend of Volbeat's previous effort, which is everything that needs to be said about the band's debut. This follows from the fact that I haven't heard "The Strength / The Sound / The Songs" and try to compensate by excusing myself with pointing out that it's stupid to review a record by comparing it to something else, good or bad. This album defies gigantic expectations, no doubt, but thanks to Michael Poulsen's talent for writing, subtle nuances and some experimentation, "Rock The Rebel..." stands proud. Volbeat's influences are less subtle, paying a shameless tribute to Johnny Cash. Indeed, Volbeat could easily be dubbed the nu-age Johnny Cash, so similar is Poulsen's vocal delivery to Johnny's redneck phonetic. It is this quality that affords Volbeat a property of unparalleled character.

Much in the same way Joaquin Phoenix's interpretation of Johnny Cash causes "Walk The Line" to flow, Michael Poulsen's voice causes "Rock The Rebel..." to be addictive and catchy. A few tracks in particular deserve extra accreditation: "The Garden's Tale", with its epic duet by Poulsen and Magtens Korridorer's Johan Olsen (who adds contrast by singing in Danish), "Devil Or The Blue Cat's Song", with its merry drunkard lyrics and "A Moment Forever", featuring heavy metal's response to yodeling.

"Rock The Rebel..." paints well-deserved contrast to my usual metalcore-hardcore brutality, and finds its place as my personal feel good album. Though it is not remarkable, it is well-executed and original and does the band's past success justice. Having not heard their previous album, I am confident to believe "Rock The Rebel..." will please those hardcore Volbeatists, simply because an album of this quality tends to appeal to most; even the Burberry-armored fashionazis.


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Release date 19.02.2007
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