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Beyond The Shell

Written by: AZ on 10/10/2012 23:08:36

In this review I will describe the words will, perseverance, pride, respect and family. These may be simple words to you and me, but to the band about to be presented their are the unwritten moral codex they followed all their life. And although young and optimistic these guys are no pushovers and their music cannot be taken for granted.

Ladies and gentleman, I give you Odd Crew. A band coming from Sofia, Bulgaria. A band than goes through a constant change of their music – continuously refining it, pushing themselves to the maximum of their abilities, these four guys are a phenomenon in the underground metal scene in Bulgaria. With an endless schedule of touring around eastern(and nowadays central) Europe, which is broken up only by the releases of their albums, the quartet is confidently and with ease conquering the stages of all the major events they play at.

Their third release “Beyond the shell” came to fruition in the beginning of June 2012. With running time that pushes the physical boundaries of the the compact disc with its length, Odd Crew aim to present the typical heavy metal listener with a creation that shows how a quality effort can captivate the audience for more than a single breakdown. Ranging from dark and honest leads through acoustic interludes and sweet leads to down-tempo juggernauts, the band makes a serious statement. They have made it! The speed, the intensity, the rich emotional content – it is all there! No remarks can be made about musicianship, creativity or execution! Honestly I cannot make a distinction between these guys and many top-level artists in the genre.

What gives Sofia-based metalheads an edge to their music is their background. Having played as blues/rock formation that later evolved into something more mature, bigger, stronger and more aggressive – these guys can constantly switch the tempo and still feel comfortable no matter if the surrounding is a fast paced circle pit engaging song(“Dead Issue”), a groovy headbanger(“Death Trap”) or an epic instrumental(“All that's been is forever”).

Having been together for more than 14 years in a single steady formation is a task that today's music industry puts to the test every day. Odd Crew have withstood it countless times and now they hit back hard to break the concepts and the shell that surrounds them. It's up to you to peak through the hole and beyond...

Download: Dead Issue, Death Trap
For The Fans Of: Lamb of God, Chimaira, NWOAHM
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Release Date 09.06.2012
KMK Records

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