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My dear reader, you are now about to undertake a journey to the far side of the universe. Wormholes, dying stars or collapsing galaxies will be something typical along the way. And although the distance is beyond countless human lives in duration, it will take less than an hour. How is this even possible you ask? Well, follow me!

We begin at one of the most ancient of civilizations – Greece. There a quintet containing five musicians unleash something that will propel you and me into a fast and furious trip. Having found the secret of time and space, Mencea are trying to prove to all mankind that there is a quicker and more effective way to wander through space. These guys don't need spaceships nor space suites. What they need is simply their instruments, which they wield with ease and skill. Reaching the speed of light with furious blast-beats, mechanically aligned double-bass, drummer Bertrand Rothen does with time-signatures as he pleases. Kostas Alatas shields the explosions in space with his deep bass, while guitar duo Vangelis Labrakis and Stamos Koliousis distort the dark matter by tearing up black holes and bending space. And out the depths of the universe, as if coming with the Big Bang itself, the voice of Vlasis Ziouvas gurgles a demonic anthem to the stars and all that lurks in the darkness.

Neutron stars, endlessness, vacuum...these are just part of the themes that my imagination sketches before me while I take a leap of faith into this eternal spiral that is called “Pyrophoric”. Setting the perfect mood for every horror story writer or every director seeking the right background to a dramatic turn in his play – here it is. Slow, systematic and merciless, this record chokes everyone who dare unveil its sacred cover unprepared. Its power is matched by Ithyphallic and the likes.

So do you dare to join Mencea in their quest for answers? If so – play the record, close your eyes and slowly drift away.

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For The Fans Of: Gojira, Obscura, Meshuggah, Strapping Yound Lad
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Release Date 23.03.2012
Indie Recordings

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