Out Of Exile

Written by: MS on 07/06/2005 19:37:57

The long expected second studio album from Audioslave hit stores on the 25th of May. The album is entitled "Out Of Exile", and has 12 brand new tracks from Chriss Cornell & co. The opening track "Your Time Has Come" is a pure grunge-track, like the opener of their first album. You can really feel them going back to their roots with this one, and it is obvious who are behind the instruments. Tom Morello's style is easily recognizable, and he really gets to show what he can do on this album. It's loaded with his rather unique sounding solos and heavy use of guitar effects. First single off the album "Be Yourself" is one of the more quiet songs on the album, and not anywhere near one of the best. It could be compared with the hit "Like A Stone" from their debut. The album is filled with great post-grunge tracks with lots of energy, and some of them much more originality than the debut. Other mentionable tracks are "Drown Me Slowly", and the really amazing closing track "The Curse". Great job by Audioslave!


Download: Be Yourself, The Curse, Your Time Has Come
For The Fans Of: Soundgarden, Rage Against The Machine, Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam

Release date 25.05.05

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