The Rasmus

The Rasmus

Written by: PP on 03/10/2012 04:58:10

What most people don't know about The Rasmus is that they used to be in the rapcore and alternative rock business during the 90s, releasing a couple of my all-time favorite songs in the process (just check out "Liquid" from 1998). But since the release of "Dead Letters" which featured the chart busting radio hit "In The Shadows" in 2003, the band have swayed further and further away from their alternative rock roots and towards a fully fledged pop/rock band in the most mainstream sense of that definition.

"The Rasmus" is their eighth studio album and it's where things are even worse than four years ago on "Black Roses". Aside from two, maybe three songs where you could successfully argue a mainstream pop rock position, the album's is filled with balladic pop songs that honestly sound more like Westlife and Backstreet Boys than anything a serious rock band should be writing. I mean, if The Fray sound more credible when listening to these songs, then something's wrong big time. Vocalist Lauri sounds like he's balls have been further cut since his high pitch work on "In The Shadows", except instead of going for an instantly memorable vocal performance, he now sounds like every other pop singer out there with no character in his voice whatsoever.

The songs are predictable pop songs that can best be described with words like 'shallow', 'meaningless' and 'boring'. I'm only reviewing this to serve as a warning for anyone entertaining any "Liquid"-like thoughts of the band returning as an alternative rock force to be reckoned with, since that is not the case here. And with the lack of hit songs capable of breaking international radio play, this will be the album that'll return the band to obscurity in Finland.


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Release date 18.04.2012
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