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A Two Trick Pony Attack EP

Written by: TL on 02/10/2012 11:54:14

Admittedly, the EP "A Two Trick Pony Attack" by Copenhagen lo-fi indie rockers Two Trick Pony has been lying around my harddrive for quite a while waiting for review. It has done so mostly because plenty of things about it make it unappealing at first glance, to somebody who spends his time trawling the web for the coolest, most ready-for-explosion bands he can find. The bandname is quirky, yet also sort of ridiculous, and effectively so is the EP title - you're not sure whether to take it seriously or as a joke - and when you put the disc on and hear the crisp, yet clearly underground oriented production and the sharp, melodramatic female vocal exchanges, chances are you might go "what the f*** am I listening to?"

What you're listening to if you are indeed listening, is a band that mixes the fuzzy rumblings of lo-fi indie and post punk (think Yuck, The Jesus And Mary Chain etc.) with a country twang and try to wrap things up in catchy little compositions that can be enjoyed as a highly unique sort of alternative pop. At the front of the expression are two different female voices, one hazy and distanced, one sharp and more direct. Each of them initially sound a little grating to me individually, but as Two Trick Pony start to put things together, I can't help but to start to like them.

There's something about how the laid back rawness of the sound contrasts the sentimental melodies that stirs my interest and on more than one occasion, the vocal back-and-forth turns out to be a lot more catchy than you'd think. "It's Not About You" is the prime example, but I've also come to dig the EP closer "Love Lust Warstory" and generally there are enough interesting lyrical bits and repeated refrains for you to feel at home after only a few listens.

In the end, I've got to give Two Trick Pony close to zero points from the bag labelled "For bands that sound like they'll be playing bigger stages very soon", but then that's probably not their prime ambition anyway. At least judging from the sound of this EP, it's more the kind of peculiar release that wants to be found somewhere on vinyl, to make its way to a turntable some place where adventurous listeners sit back and appreciate all things that dare to sound odd whether it gets them big or not. Personally I think "A Two Trick Pony Attack" is eventually a bit too off-kilter to have many likely returns to my stereo waiting in the future, but the ideas presented on it by the band are certainly a lot more unusual than you can otherwise hear in the Danish musical landscape. So Two Trick Pony has my attention. Now maybe work a bit on the production and on those sharp vocals, and I would be happy to check out the next release as well.

Download: It's Not About You, Love Lust Warstory,
For The Fans Of: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Peaches, The Raveonettes

Release Date Spring 2012
Puffin Art-Lab

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