In The Absence Of Truth

Written by: AH on 31/01/2007 23:29:19

"In The Absence Of Truth" is an interesting and at first slightly confusing album. It is the fourth full length full-length album from the Boston-based band Isis, and it seems to take them in the direction of their more melodic and mellow side. At least this is the first impression that the album gives you.

At moments you even find yourself forgetting that you are listening to Isis, until the point when the fuzzy heavy guitars and Aaron Turner's familiar growling remind you once again who you are listening to. Speaking of growling, it is not used as much here as before. Instead Aaron uses his clean voice to an extent never seen before in Isis.

Isis take a bit longer to build up their songs on this latest offering. Most of the songs clock in at over 7 minutes and they can feel tedious in the beginning, but if you are patient, this album will reward you. You just have to give it a little time to learn its tricks and turns.

Now you might be thinking that the album is not heavy. Don't worry, because it is. Yet it is heavy in a different way from before. It almost feels like earlier Isis really had to put an effort into being heavy, but now it just comes naturally. The whole album gives that impression and it flows naturally. There is no forced trying present. When it is necessary, or more correctly when it is time to be heavy, Isis have no trouble in turning the switch up. And these moments of intensity work extremely well with the build ups that lead to them.

All of the tracks on the album are very good, except the interlude type "All Out Of Time, All Into Space", and a couple of them are, well, stunning. The tracks that stand out the most are probably "Over Root And Thorn” and the heaviest track on the album, "Holy Tears". Isis have created a truly beautiful and honest sounding album, which is highly recommended to anyone who is willing to spend a little more time than usual in the listening process. I would dare to say, the best album by Isis thus far.

Download: "Holy Tears", "Not in Rivers, But in Drops"
For the fans of: Pelican, Neurosis, Cult Of Luna
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Release date 31.10.2006

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