Frank Friend

Like Sharks On Blood

Written by: PP on 01/10/2012 22:10:50

Frank Friend is an independent singer-songwriter from Winter Park, Florida, who released an interesting EP last year in the form of "Fleeting Feelings", a soft and experimental record that reminded me most of all of Portugal. The Man's ultra-experimental indie/pop rock. "Like Sharks On Blood" is the follow-up to that record, and the same guiding principles apply as before: he still sounds just like John Baldwin Gourley of Portugal. The Man crossed with Julian Casablancas (The Strokes), and indeed the material on the record feels like a bastard son between the two bands.

On one hand, Frank Friend aims for soft floating melodies and quite indie rock ambiance, which is supported through smooth vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, and a heavy amount of electronic effects, which, you're right, sounds like signature Portugal. The Man, but he is also unafraid of taking things into a more straight-forward and poppy direction. Here's where The Strokes influence plays in, although only from their more minimalistic and experimental material on "Angles". "It's Always All Around" is one good example of the latter. Throughout the record he carefully balances the two and applies himself through a 60s style filter (think The Beatles here), and the result works surprisingly well: the songs on "Like Sharks On Blood" have plenty of depth and longevity in them, but stick out from each other and are a smooth listen all-around. It's a surprise that he's as unknown as his Facebook fan base seem to suggest (currently under 100), because his take on experimental indie rock is far more intriguing and better than most others I've come across.


Download: It's Always All Around, Try To Stay Awake, Thank You So Nice!
For the fans of: Portugal. The Man, The Beatles, Brian Wilson
Listen: Bandcamp

Release date 05.06.2012

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