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Growing Pains EP

Written by: TL on 01/10/2012 14:34:59

Quickly now: When you see the bandname Lower Lands, which other bandname do you instantly think of? Lower Than Atlantis? Yeah, me too, and my, what a coincidence, here on their EP "Growing Pains" Lincoln, UK-based quartet Lower Lands sound like Lower Than Atlantis as well. A lot like Lower Than Atlantis that is. In fact their British take on the grungy, Foo Fighters-ish, "no bullshit let's just rock"-approach is so similar to what you heard on Lower Than Atlantis "World Record" that if it weren't for the noticeably higher and younger vocals of their lead singer, you could probably be excused for mistaking the songs on "Growing Pains" for LTA demos.

The foremost question worth asking when determining whether you'll be interested to get into Lower Lands then is: Do you like Lower Than Atlantis, and will it bother you to listen to someone whose sound imitates them rather closely? If the answers to those questions are yes and no respectively, then there's no reason to not get your hands on "Growing Pains" because it naturally offers some of the exact same qualities that LTA did on "World Record". The recording quality is of course a little more raw and the vocals are not quite as confident and cool as Mike Duce's, but the drive and dynamic found between the rumbling riffs still has some of that straightforward, down to earth rock appeal that made LTA such a strong proposition.

Of course, Lower Than Atlantis being as big as they are is as much a consequence of them writing some absolutely brilliant songs on the base of that sound of theirs, and in that department, Lower Lands are still a noticeable step or two below their likely heroes. They are on the right path, because plenty of bits on "Growing Pains" are recognisable and engaging upon returning listens, but there's hardly a "Beech Like The Tree" or "Motorway Of Life" in here to keep you humming melodies and singing lyrics for long after the record reaches its close. No one can say that Lower Lands are not on their way to writing some of those however - The more pressing question is what they're going to do to develop their personality in a direction that will let them dodge designations as just a Lower Than Atlantis little-brother band. Closing song "Growing Pains" might be a hint at what, sending my thoughts wandering more in the direction of Twin Atlantic for a nice change. More of that maybe?


Download: Wide Eyes, 12 Green Bottles, Growing Pains
For The Fans Of: Lower Than Atlantis, Lower Than Atlantis, Lower Than Atlantis.. okay maybe also Twin Atlantic
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Release Date 05.05.2012
I Am Mighty Records

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