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Written by: AZ on 29/09/2012 12:33:20

Since I started writing for Rockfreaks I have discovered that my inclination towards sludge, doom and the likes is far beyond big. I mean all the music that can creep up my spine, gradually building up to the point where my head is banging 180 degrees is welcome. It's all about the rawness, intensity, simplicity and depth! So when I heard Horn of the Rhino's newest creation things clicked right away!

With their second release, Spanish conquistadors from Bilbao, have unleashed a monster. Yep, “Grengus” is a freakin' bulldozer/run-away train. It goes to the extreme from repetitive one tone riffs that obsess you, to fast paced skank beats which every circle pit should have. Some points of the record are so old-school "thrashy" I would honestly say that the guys have taken up a thing or two from the early days of Sepultura. It has groove that can keep you going during the long travel through the prairie and, most importantly, it makes you stomp just like a real rhino!

The music is true to the genre without any special deviations from the sole purpose of sludge/thrash. Slowly, demonically the trio forges the massive figure of the creature that is about to tear a whole in everything that stands in its way. The endless chain of double-bass that is the heart of this demon is provided by Julen Gil, the pounding bass comes from the hands of Sergio “Rambo” Robles and guitars/vocals are courtesy of frontman Javier Galvez. And let me tell you that this man does a damn good job of handling both blood-chilling screams and singing – just give the title tracks or the epic 12-minute journey "Brought Back" a listen!

In the context of the album Javier is just a voice. But a voice sitting on pile of bones – which is the only thing that's left from your ears and mind. That voice is giving orders – now it commands your very essence and existence. It will whisper to you gently "follow me", take you to the edge and let you peak into the abyss of eternal darkness.

“Grengus” is undoubtedly one of the best records, if not the best, that Horn of the Rhino could ever come up with. It is emotional, dark and yet open to the fans that want to get in on serious live action. Will definitely be looking closer at these guys in the future!


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For The Fans Of: Sludge, Thrash
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Release Date 10.02.2012
Doomentia Records

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