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Written by: PP on 27/09/2012 00:10:05

Have you ever wondered how Bad Religion and Alkaline Trio would sound like as a single entity? Me neither, but The Darlings offer one suggestion of how it could sound like on their debut album "The New Escape", which also blends in hefty amounts of Rise Against and Strung Out influence for the perfect SoCal punk mixture. It's a refreshing, big, and anthemic sound that's just rough enough around its edges to maintain credibility despite its leaning into poppy chorus melodies and mainstream sounding riffs, balancing on a tightrope between the old school sound of Bad Religion and the more modern reinterpretation of the other bands mentioned in this review. Basically, like melodic punk meeting the rawer old school approach to punk rock.

What makes "The New Escape" so good is its how it uses open riffs at a high tempo that make the record sound big without making it sound too simple. More importantly, the band is fronted by a vocalist with exceptional pipes that have plenty of charisma; plus he has a knack for writing great, sing-along melodies that stick to mind on first listen without necessarily being overtly poppy. "Where Do We Go" and "Broken Heart Still Beating" are two songs with great melodies and suggest that The Darlings should be a much bigger band than they are currently.

Where previous EP "The Darlings" was basically a carbon copy of Bad Religion, on "The New Escape" the band are starting to discover their own identity and fit right in between the summery SoCal punkers and the darker, harder-edged sound of the old guard. Hence the cross between Alkaline Trio, Strung Out, Rise Against, and Bad Religion. Sounds tasty? That's because it is.

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For the fans of: Bad Religion, Rise Against, Alkaline Trio, Strung Out, The Bouncing Souls
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Release date 24.04.2012
Gadsen Records / Universal

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