Yelling Out Loud (demo)

Written by: PP on 26/09/2012 23:38:17

Interagt are a rock band from Kolding, Denmark, who released their first demo earlier this year called "Yelling Out Loud", and if this recording is anything to go by, they have a bright future waiting ahead of them. Basically, the group takes their cue from the modern American hard rock / mainstream rock movement, referencing bands ranging from Breaking Benjamin to Trapt to Papa Roach, while also including classic rock / blues ideas into the mixture as well.

On a few songs this works really well. "Testosterone", for instance, has a good vocal line and big riffs that makes it memorable. It's not that original even within the national borders, but it works because it's catchy. Regrettably, the band also trips into the rapcore / nu-metal trap on "LowRider", which is a weird and out-of-place song that starts off almost like a Limp Bizkit track and finishes off in classic rock soloing. No idea what's going on there. The last song "Interact" introduces yet another style, this time a little softer and more standard alternative rock one, which also suits the band, but they really need to narrow down one specific style for their next release to avoid incoherency, which is a problem throughout "Yelling Out Loud".

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Release date 03.01.2012

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