Fist Full Of Lies

If It Wasn't For This I'd Still Have Everything EP

Written by: PP on 24/09/2012 16:48:36

Norwich, UK-based Fist Full Of Lies are the next unit in a string of bands both recent and past who channel their Funeral For A Friend influenced post-hardcore through a punk rock filter on their four-track debut EP "If It Wasn't For This I'd Still Have Everything". Its fifteen minutes are characterized by dynamic post-hardcore riffs that are clearly inspired by the more melodic end of punk rock, although only as brief undertones in terms of the tempo, and not as the fundamental element in the mix.

You see, Fist Full Of Lies can easily be compared to the likes of Parties Break Hearts from Switzerland and their local UK fellows in Yashin, perhaps even Deaf Havana if you really want to stretch the comparisons. They fuel their expression through some instantly catchy melodies delivered at energetic speeds, but also make sure to include a few subdued screams and heavier instrumentation occasionally to ensure that their sound is very clearly defined by post-hardcore rather than punk rock. Songs like "Curses" will stick to mind on first listen, but should also please the more 'scene' oriented fans with the contrasting screams that arrive in the right timings to boost the song's overall sound. It's almost like listening to a slightly less aggressive version of Boysetsfire in places.

"If It Wasn't For This..." is a solid introduction to the band in a crowded scene. As such, it probably won't turn too many heads just yet, but if they keep writing songs as catchy as the four tracks on offer here, they'll soon start rising in the UK ranks and obtain even better support slots, which should grow their fan base as time goes by.


Download: Curses, Bitterness Got The Better Of Me
For the fans of: Parties Break Hearts, Funeral For A Friend, Yashin, Deaf Havana
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Release date 11.07.2012

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