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Hasta La Vista Social Club are a punk/rock band from a small town in central Finland. Despite their awful band name, they deliver some quite enjoyable punk-rooted rock'n'roll on their fourth album "Melt", which takes its cues from bands like Backyard Babies, The Hellacopters, et cetera, and translates their pure rock'n'roll expression into a faster format.

Basically, "Melt" sounds like how any one of those bands or their contemporaries could've sounded like had they taken a liking into high-octane punk rock with a raw edge instead of just rock'n'roll. Their melodies are fairly catchy, but steer clear of too much pop to avoid sounding like a pop punk band (such as their fellow countrymen MadCraft), and in that sense, they share a lot in common with our local rock'n'roll inspired punk outfit The Stradlins. They have lots of guitar solos and that sort of thing - even harmonica for good measure - and stick to a formula that rallies together speed, groove, and smokey vocals for a decent punk/rock mixture.

The thing is, however, that Hasta La Vista Social Club don't really ever stick out from the crowd. While some of their songs are enjoyable to some extent, they blend together too easily and offer nothing but a slightly more old school oriented look at the age-old genre. They simply don't have enough character nor flair to appeal to the wider audiences. That being said, "Walk With The Gods" and "DTTG" are good songs, it's just too bad the rest of the album doesn't really follow through.


Download: Walk With The Gods, DTTG
For the fans of: Backyard Babies, The Stradlins
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Release date 18.05.2012
Secret Entertainment

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