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Written by: PP on 13/01/2007 01:53:31

You don't tend to hear much from the Mississippi scene, so when a band like the currently unsigned Fox Chase Drive enters the scene from seemingly nowhere, don't feel ashamed to be surprised that there actually is a scene in the regularly overlooked state. "Fox Chase Drive EP", the band's debut release, has all the ingredients a band needs to build up huge hype through their EP before launching into mainstream superstardom with their debut album (From First To Last / Matchbook Romance, I'm pointing your way!).

"24 To Nothing" opens the album with the same kind of layered guitars you might have heard on the Fastlane album two years ago. While perhaps not as punk and complex, the lead guitar doesn't sound forced at all, and when combined with the infectiously catchy chorus and its Hellogoodbye-esque background keyboards, sounds fresher than most other bands only dream of in this scene. "Close The Door" is a slower, more electronic track, where the keyboard references to the first Motion City Soundtrack album and guitars underline why they don't need to be sophisticated to catch your attention, which leads me to my favorite point about the album: the three track self-titled EP isn't an album that immediately makes you sing along from the first listen, but rewards patience heavily with contagious song structures and non finetuned singing. That's right folks, for despite sounding professionally recorded and vocalist Dustin reaching some relatively high notes here and there, it never reached a point where you end up thinking 'ok they won't be able to produce this crystal clear sound live'.

To summarize the review in one sentence: If you're going to listen to only one indie-pop punk act this year, make sure it's Fox Chase Drive, as given the opportunity of a proper record deal, this will be a band all over the headlines of 2008 (no that is not a typo).


Download: 24 To Nothing
For the fans of: Fastlane, Cartel, Paramore, The Spill Canvas, Hellogoodbye
Listen: Stream whole EP at Myspace

Release date 29.12.2006

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