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The Road EP

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Dirty Old Town is the chosen moniker for the new project by vocalist Morten Christensen, whose classic rock inspired pipes were put into excellent use in Wrong Side Of Vegas, a criminally underrated rock'n'roll band from Odense that never really had their big breakthrough in Denmark despite a couple of quality releases. On his new venture, he has grabbed a few members both from his previous band as well as from renowned Danish rock'n'rollers Highway Child, but the style and direction is distinctly different from what we've heard in the past.

"The Road" EP is the first release from the group, and it offers a sound that's deeply rooted in Bob Dylan-esque Americana and singer-songwriter, while blending in psychedelic and blues rock in equal measure. The resulting sound is a laid-back, relaxed sound that channels the 70s style classic rock through a psychedelic filter, and through Christensen's solid singing that is ideal for this type of music. Together, the instruments and his voice present a good feeling of nostalgia and longing towards the classic idea of 'the west' in an idealistic sense, one that fits well in scenes of long desert roads, saloons and, yes, the traditional definition of 'freedom' in the most old school American sense of the word.

Whether through quiet and more ambient tracks like "Run" or the more straight-up rockin' "Black Storm Is A-Risin'", the theme is presented in a convincing manner throughout, but that being said, some of the rowdy rock'n'roll energy of Wrong Side Of Vegas could help the sound by giving it some more meat around the bones, because as it stands now, "The Road" can feel a little thin in places. That might just be a matter of taste, however, as some prefer the Dylan-esque school of thought more than others.

Download: Black Storm Is A-Risin', You See A Darkness
For the fans of: Rival Sons, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan
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Release date 14.05.2012

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