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Sparks The Rescue EP

Written by: TL on 19/09/2012 11:45:47

If there is one band whose recent efforts have made strides to establish them as go to guys for those who like super energetic, super catchy music that grabs you by the ears and sings in your face like it makes you want to feel something, that band would arguably be Sparks The Rescue. The Maine quintet proved as much on their brilliant 2011 release "Worst Thing I've Been Cursed With" and if you agree with me so far, rejoice, because the band's new self-titled EP is a nice little development of the direction the guys took on that album.

"Sparks The Rescue EP" is mainly worthy of your attention for the two songs that follows its brief intro, "Disaster" and "Water Your Heart (Safe, Sound And Buried)". Both of them are the kind of tunes that grabs your attention and runs with it and electrifies you with great choruses, but more importantly, they underscore Sparks The Rescue's quality as band that, while they're pop-punk at their core, manage to elegantly balance both the most bittersweet emotive moments, with occasions of guitarwork that are heavier or more blazing that what you'd expect in genre that is otherwise pretty light and soft.

The remaining four songs on the EP are the kind that are just a smidge less catchy than the opening couple, and if you are completely new to the band, I'd say start with the two aforementioned numbers, then maybe go back and listen to "Worst Thing.." and then come back for the last four EP songs if you're still up for more. Still, I love how the chorus ends and gives way to the bridge in "Burn All Of My Clothes" just as I dig how the verse in "Dream. Catch. Her." has a vibe like some of the early-2000s emo like Hawthorne Heights and A Thorn For Every Heart.

In short, "Sparks The Rescue" EP is a quick little listen that only serves to make me extra excited about a band that sounds like they're crafting a more unique and nuanced expression coming out of the pop-punk genre, than many of the new bands today that fall into either the camps of "glossy mainstream friendly pop-punk" or easycore. These guys are neither here nor there, and from my point of view that only make them all the more interesting to follow.

Download: Disaster, Water Your Heart (Safe, Sound And Buried), Burn All My Clothes
For The Fans Of: A Loss For Words, Anberlin, The Audition, Hawthorne Heights

Release Date 28.08.2012
Double Blind Music / Fearless

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