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Written by: PP on 15/09/2012 03:41:52

Rock music is a male dominated culture, which is why it's only refreshing to meet bands consisting solely of girls especially here in Denmark, where the typical ratio of guys to girls at a rock/metal show is something like 95/5 on a good night. Taras, who hail from Copenhagen, are an all-girl rock'n'roll band drawing from the riot grrrl style of punk rock into a garage-ish, noisy rock'n'roll style with plenty of attitude to show the guys that the girls can do equally well in this genre, too.

"Taras EP" is their debut release, so although their heart is in the right place, the recording and songwriting isn't. You're simply treated to four songs of slightly off-tuned girl shouting on top of resonant distortion, but no real songs that you want to take with you once done listening to the record. There's plenty of attitude and estrogen in the mix, but when your songs range from mediocre to average, that just isn't good enough to warrant more attention for the time being. The good news is that Taras have a vocalist who is starting to show some charisma, and songwriting that suggests a potentially bright future, so they just need to keep at it and improve themselves as musicians and songwriters, and they'll do just fine.

Download: Mass Destruction
For the fans of: grrrl garage rock
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Release date 09.04.2012

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