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Shiny Darkly EP

Written by: PP on 14/09/2012 03:56:09

Shiny Darkly are a relatively new post-punk band from Copenhagen with considerable influence from the shoegaze scene. Their sound is basically a throwback to the 80s with some 60s and 70s psychedelia added into the mix, and as such, their self-titled debut EP is basically a mirror image of their main influences in Joy Division and The Cure.

Their vocalist sings with a fuzzy, slightly distorted croon that occasionally brings to mind that of Liam Gallagher from Oasis from their later, more experimental years ("Don't Believe The Truth" and "Dig Out Your Soul" albums in particular), especially on "He's Suicidal". Elsewhere the band aim more clearly towards the 80s, while also adding in some lo-fi and garage flavor in the process.

They've already played gigs in London and all over Denmark, and were picked up to play both at Roskilde Festival as well as at Tivoli Fredagsrock, so their career is well under way as of this writing. This EP basically provides the evidence why: solid songwriting with nostalgic, longing melodies that drone along at shoegaze levels without disappearing into the vast space that other bands in the genre sometimes tend to do.


Download: He's Suicidal, Into The Shade
For the fans of: Joy Division, The Cure, Oasis
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Release date 04.05.2012
Crunchy Frog


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