Horse Latitudes


Written by: AZ on 13/09/2012 00:08:09

Looking at the dark night makes me abandon all hope. I feel the need to become one with the darkness. All I need to hear is the whispers of the leafs swiftly scattered by the wind. All I need to experience is the moonlight shining on my face, gently erasing my name, my shame and me...

Coming from Finland's capital to bring us salvation, Horse Latitudes are a newly formed band which slowly but steadily devours the attention of every newcomer. No matter if he/she wandered their way or intentionally delved into the darkness that is "Awakening" - no-one is spared. Taking up a great deal what a band like Electric Wizard could do in the Doom/Sludge genre, the guys are clearly making a statement with this release. If I should formulate it, then it would sound like - "Prepare", "We are here". For a CD with such content, however, words are insufficient. This literally is a force that moves you, your mind and body and pushes them towards a new kind of self-awareness.

The slow and yet powerful music gives the trio the desired emphasis on every element they want to point out to the listener. Like a giant taking its steps and leaving marks as big as cities, the bass players Heidi and Vellu alongside their vocalist and drummer Harri stomp through the ears of the non believers and make them kneel to the new order. An order that praises the darkness and its uncontrollable mass.

...And there I was. Looking at me from afar. I was ascending, leaving this realm, this place that I didn't belong to. While darkness slowly blinded me everything was swept away leaving only ashes behind.

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For The Fans Of: Electric Wizard, Doom, Sludge
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Release Date 10.02.2012
Doomentia Records

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