Calling All Demons

Written by: PP on 07/09/2012 15:29:01

For some reason, the Black Sabbath influenced stoner/doom hybrid sound of the 70s is currently experiencing somewhat of a revival here in Denmark, where a number of bands have put out decent releases within the genres in the last couple of years. Next one in line is Moonless, whose debut album "Calling All Demons" has caught the attention of Doomentia Records. The members are an experienced bunch from the Danish underground, featuring members from hardcore punkers Hjertestop, No Hope For The Kids among other local groups.

For "Calling All Demons", however, they've steered clear of any punk influence and now find themselves strictly in stoner/doom territory. The album is namely characterized by dirtily distorted, slowly creeping riffs, with an underlying rock'n'roll element underneath. Nuances of sludge rock and classic rock are present as well, though the expression is mostly driven forward by the catchy roars of their vocalist, whose coarse, roughened voice recalls local peers in Pet The Preacher a little bit, but also some of the better and more well-known names in the genre.

It's clear that they source their sound from their love of Black Sabbath records, but you could argue that bands like Pentagram have also been an influence at some point along the way. More importantly, though, the band have mixed together their love for stoner/doom and influences well enough to come out on top of a crowded genre with a groovy release.


Download: Devil's Tool, Horn Of The Ram
For the fans of: Black Sabbath, Pet The Preacher, The Gates Of Slumber, Pentagram
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Release date 19.03.2012
Doomentia Records

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