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Dark World EP

Written by: TL on 04/09/2012 14:28:30

Never underestimate the power of a good, eye-catching bandname. Take Ann Arbor quartet Pity Sex, whose debut EP "Dark World" is subject for review right here, for no other reason than me seeing the band name and being instantly intrigued, wanting to find out what sort of band would name themselves just that. The answer quickly reveals itself to be 'a pretty sad band', as Pity Sex start "Dark World EP" off by howling along the lines of "How did I get sooo depressed?" on catchy opener "When You're Around", which establishes their sound as one of indie/emo that's highly comparable to Tigers Jaw.

So you have your vocals on the very edge of tunefulness, you have your fuzzy, wailing, distorted guitars and your trudging pace and weeping melodies, making things quite melancholic, and more faithfully emo than particularly original. It does not matter so much though, when the result is as good as "When You're Around" is, but admittedly, it can get a little heavy to bear down the stretch of the EP's 6 tracks. Fortunately, Pity Sex have spiced things up with occasions of female vocals and quirky lyrics about "Coca Cola" and a "Dogwalk", and the intentionally banal content lends a humourus effect to the sentimental delivery that helps the songs seem worthwhile.

"Dark World EP" is an encouraging little pick up for the curious music fan that appreciate those that keep the emo sentiments of old alive. It shows that Pity Sex, apart from having a cool bandname, can actually pen some quirky, catchy numbers, and hints that they could be a good acquiantance in times to come, as long as they can maybe elaborate their style and keep the lyrics interesting, lest they suffer the same drawbacks as contemporaries like Tigers Jaw and Joie De Vivre, both of whom have suffered slightly from lacking variety and consistency on their similar initial efforts.


Download: "When You're Around" and "Coca Cola" come recommended, but all the songs are free here.
For The Fans Of: Tigers Jaw, Chalk Talk, Lemuria, Joie De Vivre
Listen: facebook.com

Release Date 08.07.2012
Run For Cover Records

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