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Written by: PP on 05/01/2007 16:36:33

When the famous Swedish songwriter Tony Naima and his band The Bitters announced plans of writing a Dismember cover album in cooperation with the band, the metal world received the news in shock as Dismember is one of the untouchable legends, a band that over their 17 year long career spanned some of the biggest classics of the death metal genre. The metal world could not understand what a pop song writer - let alone the band itself - was thinking when they thought of this collaboration, after all these two genres couldn't be further apart from each other.

But after having heard the album, I must say I am astonished, amazed and stunned to say the least. The old death metal classics like "I Saw Them Die" and "In Deaths Cold Embrace" have been entirely reworked into a jazzy, funky form utterly different from the originals. Gone are the thundering guitars, the rough vocals and the comfortable pace we grew used to in the originals. Instead, in are violins, blues-y rhythms, entirely different pace and soft, calm vocals. Just imagine "Let The Napalms Rain" done entirely with a violin, and the solos still hit spot on as in the original, noly with the violin! It sounds impressive and strange to say the least, and makes you think of the band in a completely new light. "Crime Divine" is like straight from any old gangster movie, where an Italian-style singer calmly sings behind slowly progressing instrumentation with an almost symphonic feel to it.

The fact that you can still distinctly tell these are originally Dismember songs, while still realizing how far apart they are from them makes Tony Naima & The Bitters' cover album a must have for all Dismember fans, and for those who are curious how death metal tracks can be reworked into a traditional pop/jazz music form while staying true to their roots. Simply amazing, leaves me hanging after each of the three different interpretations of "I Saw Them Die".


Download: In Deaths Cold Embrace, Let The Napalms Rain, Crime Divine
For the fans of: Dismember, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Listen: Tony Naima & The Bitters Myspace

Release date 27.11.2006
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