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Here Come The Prostitutes

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Danish hard rockers St. Prostitute - who used to be called LA Prostitute until recently - are here to celebrate the times when rock stars were rock stars according to their own words, so their songwriting and attitude is riddled with clichés from the genre's history during the 80s. And even though their debut album "Here Come The Prostitutes" sounds bland and predictable on first listen just like most records that unnecessarily try to bring back an era that's no longer desired by today's music fans, it quickly gets better on successive listens. Why? Because it sounds the way it does intentionally, and at the same time doesn't forget to modernize the expression just enough to make their smooth melodies avoid sounding dated and boring

Simply put, St. Prostitute try to emulate the 80s greats throughout the disc, but do so in a convincing and enjoyable manner all-around. It's a sleazy, hook-driven approach to basic rock'n'roll that spreads out into larger-than-life rock anthems that recall the timeless classics by bands like Bon Jovi through similar, arena-filling melodies and instantly catchy choruses. "I'm Not Falling", one of the highlights of the album, sounds unmistakably like the best Bon Jovi songs out there, which is surprising because St. Prostitute are a tiny Danish band who shouldn't be able to write songs of this magnitude just yet. "Dreaming Of You" is similarly glorious in its reach, and later on "Medicine" and "Schizophrenia" reach into HIM/The 69 Eyes style melancholic 'dark rock' moments that reminisce of the romantic hair metal days with visible gaze of nostalgia in their eyes. These are huge songs with an anthemic vibe to them that shouldn't be possible from a band at this stage of their career just yet.

Whether St. Prostitute will become seriously popular remains to be seen, because Bon Jovi style mainstream 80s rock isn't exactly 'in' right now. But with "Here Come The Prostitutes" they have crafted a solid album in a genre that's easily one of the better ones I've heard in it for a while. Although you know what you're getting in for whenever Bon Jovi is mentioned in a review, St. Prostitute will probably rock your socks off anyway.

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Release date 12.03.2012
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