Purified In Blood

Flight of a Dying Sun

Written by: AZ on 26/08/2012 22:27:55

Norway is famous amongst metal fans with the abundance of heavy bands especially in the more extreme genres – black metal in particular. The situation is, luckily, not changing and that's why we are able to witness the rise of the newer abortions of the Norwegian scene – Purified in Blood. A fitting name to a band that wants to bind their existence with Satanism and other unholy deeds, don't you think?

Without paying too much attention to names and symbols, and concentrating mainly on the music, I am relieved to say that “Flight of a Dying Sun” is a very strong record. Baring the typical black metal elements – skin-piercing blast beats and high-pitched screams – PiB turns to the old-school die-hards and gives them something to headband about. At the same time the band takes their influences from hardcore, southern rock/metal and thrash and mixes them into a deadly “purificating” cocktail. The record gives the listener the opportunity to experience all the different forms of music that the quintet is able to pull off. From slow and deep melancholic, almost lethargic pieces that trap you under the thick ice of hate to vengeful war stomps that put fear in the hearts of all the non believers.

At times guitar parts, vocals and the songs themselves resemble a musical piece that the band-heroes of Purified in Blood would have written. Of course, I'm not accusing the band of copying or being fruitless as far as song writing goes. No, I'm just saying that they can still go further when developing their compositions in order to get away from a “rip off” sound and more into being what they are – heavy and restless.

And I also cannot get that feeling out of my head that Devin Townsend is the lead singer of the band (sorry guys but the vocal resemblance at times is striking!).


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For The Fans Of: Late Cradle of Filth
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Release Date 15.06.2012
Indie Recordings

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