De Profundis

The Emptiness Within

Written by: EW on 25/08/2012 22:17:15

This has taken some time to write but I assure you it will be worth it. Rising from the deep underground of the UK extreme metal scene, Londoners De Profundis on album three "The Emptiness Within" have continued what "A Bleak Reflection" began and released a commendably solid slice of technically proficient, prog-death-doom metal quite unlike anything else you will hear this year.

Formed around a complex pattern of intertwining riffs from guitarists Roman Subbotin and Soikot Sengupta, songs like "Delirium" and "This Wretched Plague" pack a staggering amount into their respective 7 and 5 minutes that you would bet 10 minutes were being topped by each. Craig Land's vocals remind me in essence of Jason Mendonca's from the sadly deceased Akercocke, whereby in a song like "Silent Gods" he will veer from deathly grunts, deep cleans and cursed shrieks with commendable ability in each, though I hesitate to add not with the demonic terror of Mendonca in his day. The pace of each song averages a tempo which most would define as quick but don't come expecting a continual barrage of blastbeats oh no, as De Profundis make a sound attempt to rival Opeth when it comes to the fluidity of their songs, knocking on the doors of Symbolic/ITP-era Death and perhaps even Confessor along the way for their knack of altering the tempo and mood of a song with unexpected variance. The Death similarity is useful to make clear how distinctive De Profundis’ riffing sounds for the standard templates of DM are rarely adhered to here, much as Chuck Schuldiner made a career of limitless creativity in finding a sound and tone that was recognisably his.

To De Profundis' loss it is arguable that a notable portion of their potential DM and BM fanbase could well find the funk that emanates from the bass of Arran McSporran throughout too great a difference to the low-end rumbles they are acquainted with to handle, but given repeated listens the fruits on offer here begin to make sense. At times De Profundis cram in more than might be deemed necessary for the sake of potent songwriting but this, again, is a really strong exercise in challenging yet masterfully conceived metal - recommended for all who like to hear a band branch out from the well-trodden norm.


Download: This Wretched Plague, Delirium, Silent Gods
For The Fans Of: Death, Opeth, Barren Earth
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Release date 07.05.2012
Kolony Records

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